Kate Warren, Cleveland City Council, Ward 13

I will fight for a better future for Cleveland.

How? I’ll focus on these 4 issues:

Provide Quality City Services

Reduce Poverty

Improve Public Health

Increase Government Transparency

Provide quality city services for all residents.

City services such as road repairs, waste collection, and public utilities are the nuts and bolts of what city government provides. And we have a lot of opportunities for improvement in Cleveland. I will work with the mayor’s office and city departments to respond to your concerns. I want to make big picture improvements to systems that aren’t working like they should: curbside recycling, Cleveland Public Power, and the city’s 3-1-1 city services call line are all in need of improvements to bring them into the 21st century and make them work for Clevelanders for decades to come.

Focus on reducing poverty.

What I’ve learned through my research and direct service work is that poverty is at the root of so many problems facing Cleveland. Unless we work to reduce poverty now, our problems with deteriorating housing stock, struggling schools, and violent crime will only compound in the future. I will work to make policy changes and investments that will help reduce poverty, and in turn lift all Clevelanders. By strategically investing in workforce development, public transit, digital access, and affordable housing, we can make Cleveland a city where everyone has access to the opportunity to thrive.

Improve public health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed many weaknesses in our public health and health care systems. The city’s Department of Public Health is underfunded and understaffed. I will look for ways to strengthen and support their work, and work with institutional partners to invest in strategies that will reduce health disparities to help our community. Improving public health means ensuring access to health care for every resident, but it also means improving conditions that impact health. If we invest in public transit, make our streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians, reduce air pollution, plant more trees (and take care of our existing trees), and ensure that housing is free from lead and other toxins, we will make large strides toward improving health.

Increase Government Transparency

As a researcher I know that it is often hard to find data and information about city programs and outcomes. It’s time for the city to modernize the way it shares data with the public, both because it is the right thing for a government to do, and because doing so will help us measure our success over time. Many cities have models for open data systems that could be implemented in Cleveland, and I will advocate for systems that increase transparency. I will look for ways to invite and incorporate the voice of the public into government decision making, including implementing public comment at City Council meetings and exploring participatory budgeting models.

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